Howie Mandel Prolapse meaning explained | Howie mandel tiktok video leaves Twitter horrified

A new video from the actor and TV show celebrity Howie Mandel has left the internet in shock. Howie Mandel is very active on TikTok and he is known for posting funny content on his page. That’s why, he has got a very large fanbase on TikTok.

Howie Mandel Prolapse meaning explained | Howie mandel tiktok video leaves Twitter horrified

His official page goes by the name “officialhowiemandel” and has 9.8 million followers at the time we’re writing this article. He also has more than 180 million likes overall. While these stats are enough to prove Howie is by no means a stranger on TikTok, he is going famous at the moment for some other reasons. And unfortunately, the reason isn’t so good.

Howie Mandel’s name has become one of the most searched names on the search engines and TikTok in the past few hours after he posted a gory and guttering video. Many people have watched it already and those who haven’t are heading over to the internet to watch it.

Howie Mandel’s viral video explained:

Howie Mandel posted a video of his buddy on social media with a very gory content and bizarre caption after which the internet caught fire. The video seems to be of a specific medical condition called “prolapse”. There might be further classifications of this condition. However, the one we saw on Howie’s photo is reported to be “Rectal Prolapse”. The video was of his buddy.

And Howie also posted a very strange caption alongside the video asking about the potential reason for the condition of his friend in his mind.

His caption said:

“When my friend Neal bent over this happened. Does somebody know if this is covid related? And if it is, what do we do about it?”

Audience reaction to the post:

The viewers weren’t so pleased with the video. People immediately began to criticize the Howie with different comments.

A lot of which weren’t too appreciative. Some of them asked to even ban Howie from TikTok while others were shocked that why Howie’s video was still up? A lot of people also suggested the “America’s got talent” judge to look up TikTok’s community guidelines.

Sooner or later, Howie realized that he messed up big time! So he deleted the gory video from his page. However, by the time he deleted it, it had already received a massive amount if attention from the users. The video had already gotten 2.8 million views.

Even though he took it down, as expected a lot if people saved the video who had already watched it. Later on, they started to share the video with their friends. Some of them posted it on their respective social media and the nightmare continued! Howie surely thought removing the video will bring him some relief.

However, the criticism didn’t stop coming and even as we speak, he is being criticized and scolded viciously by his followers.

What is Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is a medical condition. According to “Cleveland Clinic”,

“Rectal prolapse occurs when your rectum, part of your large intestine, slips down inside your anus. It’s caused by a weakening of the muscles that hold it in place. Rectal prolapse may look or feel like hemorrhoids, but unlike hemorrhoids, it doesn’t go away on its own. You’ll eventually need surgery to fix it.”

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