Is Madison Cawthorn Gay? Leaked Video Shows GOP Rep Caught Male Scheduler’s Hand On His Crotch: Republican representative Madison Cawthorn is making headlines on news channels and on social media. People have been perplexed after witnessing a controversial video of the representative. People are questioning his sexuality and gender preference. Since an obscene video of Madison Cawthorn surfaced on the internet he has become the topic of the town and getting an immense amount of limelight over there. Now people are eager to learn what is in the video and why he is gaining so much attention from the public. Hence we have prepared this article for you and mentioned everything which is available on the internet regarding his leaked video. So stick with this page and go down the page till the end and have a look at all the sections of this story. Follow More Update On


Is Madison Cawthorn Gay?

Madison Cawthorn’s scandal is the hottest content on the internet right now. According to the reports, a number of people are searching “Is Madison Cawthorn a gay?” and this is the reflection of this recently surfaced video. But what is in the video and what he has done actually in the video due to which people are doubting his sexuality? Let’s find out what is the real matter in the next section. Please have a look at the following paragraph.

Madison Cawthorn Leaked Video

Reportedly, the Republican representative is being scrabbled on his crotch by one of his male friends in the footage. The video of Madison Cawthorn is filmed while he was sitting in a car with his friend Stephen Smith. Stephen Smith is 23 years old while the Republican representative is 26 years old. It is apparent the video was recorded by Stephen in which the representative said in an exaggerated manner, “I felt the desire and passion and I wanted to watch my men without clothes.” Keep reading the article to learn what further happened in the video.

Madison Cawthorn Video Male Scheduler’s Hand On His Crotch

After this, the camera turns to Stephen who says “Me too”. Further, Stephen recorded himself reaching for Madison Cawthorn’s crotch. Now the Republican representative is facing repercussions for this scandal. However, he responded to this video on Twitter where he said, “if many of my associates grew up with mobile phones in their hands, they would not be far from politics.” A complaint file has been lodged against him with the Congressional Ethics Office. Further development will be shared with you as soon as an official report comes up on the internet. Stay connected with us for more information.

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