Is Mia Khalifa Dead or Alive: On Saturday, fans of former adult actress Mia Khalifa were concerned after her official Facebook profile was turned into a memorial. Mia Khalifa’s verified page claims 4.2 million followers but appears to be empty of photos and other information. “Remembering Mia Khalifa: We hope who are the loved ones of Mia Khalifa will find solace in visiting their profile to remember and celebrate their life,” said a Facebook message. Her social media account in which she has millions of followers now has a memorial page called “Remembering Mia Khalifa,” yet there is no profile photo of her there, only a cover image.

Is Mia Khalifa Dead or Alive?

Her fans were concerned about her well-being after the alteration in her Facebook profile. Mia Khalifa’s Twitter account uploaded a meme of a moment from the iconic 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail late Saturday (US time). Despite the fact that she did not respond to the post, the meme’s phrases “I’m not dead yet!” “I’m alright,” she said, as though she was aware of the rumors. What happened on the Facebook page is still unknown: whether it was hacked, updated inadvertently, or was a hoax.

As the audience already know, previously Khalifa suffered death threat from ISIS over her renowned hijab s*x scene. The organization of the terrorist hacked her Instagram account and posted extremist literature using it prior to the page being taken down by the social media company.

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She remembered that dreadful time at the “Call Her Daddy” interview in the month of March 2021. “To have the most isolating experience, you are alone, you have persons giving you death threats, and your family at the time is not supporting you, how did you get here today?” Alexender Cooper questioned. Many others would not have been able to make it through.”

Khalifa has remained in the news as a sports commentator and for her social media posts despite leaving the film industry. She enraged extreme right-wing social media users when she tweeted in favor of India’s farmers’ revolt in February of last year.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation from her family, friends, and representatives. We will update this section as soon as we receive confirmation of her death. Till, then stay updated with Trendy Kendy for more entertaining updates and news.

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