Is Sambulo From The Wife Dead or Alive?: The Wife is one of the most popular and established South African series that has been going on really well at this time. Currently, its second season has been airing. The show is too close to its end right now and getting a huge response from the viewers. As we told you that the show is ending so the story of the series has been going on very intense and interesting. Recently, we have seen the character  Sambulo got shot, after which the viewers are curious to know whether Sambulo and Mandisa will make it to season 3. In this article, we have brought some essential information about the series and its characters.

Is Sambulo From The Wife Dead or Alive?

The fans of “The Wife” want Mandisa to return and are also hoping that their favorite character, Sambulo who was shot on 21 April, comes out alive. The character Sambulo was shot and seemed to have gotten killed in a blast while Mandisa was shot from the show as she has destroyed the Zulu brothers. It has been officially announced that the show The Wife is going to end in May and will be renewed soon with season 3.

The Wife is a Showmax original Telenovela that will end on 05 May 2022. Kgopolo tweeted, “Following the season 2 finale, #TheWifeShowmax will be going on a production break and return with a new season in late 2022.” While watching the last episode of The Wife, the fans were left at the edge of their seats when Sambulo, the hitman seemed to have died in an explosion and Mandisa was the reason behind it. Mandisa deceived the Zulu brothers when she helped the Majola brothers to abduct her husband and shoot her brother-in-law, Sambulo. 

Is Sambulo From The Wife Dead?

The Majola brothers were also discovered from the sangoma that Sambulo is the hitman in the family and he is the most terrible brother in the family. It was seen that Majolas had an early victory when one of their own shot him and he got stuck in a vehicle that exploded. The readers of the telenovela disclosed that Mandisa was killed early on in the book series as she has always been an issue for the Zulu family. Firstly, she burnt the bail money of  Zandile in the second season and her husband’s life in danger. Now, the fans are excited about the finale of the show and also its new season. Stay connected with us for more updates.