WATCH: Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video On Twitter and Reddit Leave Social Media Scandalized!: The musical rapper Isaiah Rashad has addressed his leaked s*x tape at the time of his performance at Coachella.

The 30-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee citizen (real name Isaiah Joel McClain) had an s*x tape leaked back in the month of February that viewed him involved in s*x acts with 2 men. The intro video of Rashad prior to his set featured other rappers such as The Game and Joe Budden reacting to the video and supporting Rashad, while he personally thanks admirers at the time of his set.

Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video On Twitter and Reddit

The intro featured a number of clips of numerous music pundits talking about the tape, with one wondering what it will do to his career, though another insists, “it is not gonna do nothing to his career,” while another added it was ‘f***ed up that it occurred to him”. Another added, “The purpose of doing that was to embarrass him, but though it backfired. When his video leaked, his dreams and everything went up, he is up on the charts now.”

Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video Explained

Another video featured The Game stating, “N***s be like ‘Yo Rashad, he doing this, he doing that.” Bro, why are you so worried about what another man is doing? I am straight and might be he goes a different way to go that way. That does not make me feel less of a man” another stated, while another rapper stated he is glad Isaiah can finally be himself. The video ends with another person stating that it depends on how Rashad, responds to it.”

Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video Viral On Social Media

At the time of the break between songs towards the end of his set, the watchers applauded the rapper, as he thanked everyone for their support over the last few months. I watch all the messages and all that s**t, all the positivity…You all kept me alive these last couple of months,” Rashad stated prior to going back into his set. He was also watched with tears streaming down his face as he performed his song Wat’s Wrong at the time of the set. The Coachella performance was his first public appearance since the tape leaked in the month of February. He will be introducing his new tour Lil Sunny’s Awesome Vacation Tour beginning in Vancouver on the 10th of May 2022.