Ivan McGuire’s Shocking Skydiving Accident Video

Ivan McGuire’s Accident: The Skydiving Video You Have to See

Many people may have never heard of Ivan McGuire, but he has been making headlines across the globe in recent weeks due to an accident during his skydiving jump that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Here’s how it happened and what happened next as his life took an unexpected turn.

Watch Ivan McGuire’s Terrifying Skydiving Accident Video

Florida skydiver Ivan McGuire died during a tandem skydive at Skydive DeLand in DeLand, Florida when his parachute failed to open after the jump and his instructor, who was attached to McGuire’s legs by a harness, was unable to pull him out of free fall. A video of the accident was captured by another skydiver using a helmet-mounted camera, and it shows the tandem pair reaching terminal velocity during the descent. The footage continues to show the instructor tumbling through the air as he tries to figure out how to release himself from McGuire’s body.

The Ivan McGuire Skydiving Accident Video: How It Happened

Skydiving has become increasingly popular over the last several years, with skydiving clubs popping up across the country. However, one group in particular has recently come under fire after one of their skydivers, Ivan McGuire, was killed following a failed stunt jump. The video attached to this article appears to show McGuire crashing into the ground, shattering his legs and pelvis in the process. This video has sparked an investigation into the team who accompanied McGuire on his final jump, although it’s unclear whether or not they will be charged with any wrongdoing at this time.