Jerry Edmond Full Video – Jerry Edmond Video twitter
Jerry Edmond Full Video

Jerry Edmond Full Video

Jerry Edmond Meets Robert Kraft and FaceTime’s Jay-Z During His First Game at Gillette StadiumNew England fan Jerry Edmond was subject of a video that went viral after the Las Vegas Raiders game.

On Saturday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft welcomed him to Gillette Stadium where he facetime’s Jay-Z, received a customized jersey and enjoyed the game from Robert Kraft’s suite.

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Jerry Edmond Video twitter

Patriots Owner Welcome ‘Classy’ Fan Who Endured Heckling in Viral Video” I’ll tell you, what you did was so classy, and you represent what our whole franchise is about: building bridges,” Robert Kraft said, in video released by the Patriots.

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Jerry Edmond Full Video

Jerry Edmond Full Video exposed

Last week, Jerry Edmond was at his very first NFL game, calmly putting up with heckling from another person in the stands. This week, the longtime New England Patriots fan got to meet one of the 32 NFL owners.

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Edmond, who’s become something of a hero to Pats fans for the calm way he dealt with verbal abuse at last week’s Patriots-Raiders game, was invited to Saturday’s game against the Bengals at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

Jerry Edmond Full Video