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Horror moment Pennsylvania man kills neighbors with AR-15-style rifle in fight over clearing snow before killing himself

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The neighbor pulled a gun on the couple after they got into a screaming match in the snow, Family member Chris Goy took to Facebook to beat up people who shared the “disgusting” video of the “execution” that he claims broke “over snow”.

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For everyone who posts the video of my family being executed, I hope you rot in hell,” Goy wrote alongside a photo he shared of his family.“You had a 15-year-old boy and our family has been through enough. Have some respect!“Some people’s audacity.

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When you see it, report it and tell people to please dismantle it for my family’s sake.”After he fatally shot the couple, Spaide committed suicide when police officers approached him in the Hudson section of Plains Township, Pennsylvania.

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The Goys continued insulting Spaide after seeing him go out with a gun. The newspaper said, according to prosecutors, Spaide shot the Goys with a pistol and then entered his house to buy an AR-15-style rifle to shoot them some more.

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With this photo a tribute to Goys, a relative partly said, “Happier times, not long ago. 3 of these beautiful people are no longer with us.

My aunt… was abducted by cancer and now the lives of my cousins ​​Jimmy and Lisa are meaninglessly shortened. … It’s been a tough year for my Goy family. We get so caught up in life and little quarrels. The lifetime given to us is often very short.

Horror moment Pennsylvania man kills neighbors with AR-15-style rifle in fight over clearing snow before killing himself., , THE shocking moment a neighbor fatally shot a couple with a handgun and an AR-15-style rifle after an argument over snow shovelling has been captured on CCTV., , Disturbing video footage of the incident shows the couple, James Goy, 50, and Lisa Goy, 48, yelling at Jeffrey Spaide, 47, before he pulls out a gun and opens fire on the husband and wife in the middle of the street on Monday.

Learn to forgive, don’t sweat small things and spend this time with your loved ones because you never know when this will be the last. It is stated that Lisa Goy left a son behind.