Joel Kim Booster jokes that his nude photos from his first Netflix comedy special ‘Psychosexual’ leaked online. The Fire Island star joked that his documents were leaked in 2018, saying “about a thousand Hay strangers” currently have them.

Joel Kim Booster naked leaked twitter and reddit, Videos and photos viral

Joel Kim Booster mentioned her again in 2019; the actor’s tweet jokingly asked someone to leak it to “save me a lot of time.”

Apparently, he got his wish, as in his new Netflix special “Psychosexual,” where he claimed, “I found out that all my nudity was leaked online.”

I mean, I guess if I got hacked, the worst thing that could happen is they could post nude photos of me that I’ve sent to about a thousand gay strangers in North America and abroad. — Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) November 18, 2018

I want one of you to lick my fucking files. Will save me a lot of time. — Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) July 26, 2019
“Yeah, I can see some of you picking up your phone right now,” he told the Psychosexual audience.

“Obviously I was pissed, I felt hurt, um… but then I found out they were being posted on a ‘celebrity’ male nude site and I was like, ‘You can stay…’ In an interview, in honor of the special’s release, Joel explained to Kim Booster that he wrote the special, so its third act was “sex.”

In a candid conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian reflects on the criticism he’s faced throughout his career for being “hypersexual.” “As a comedian, I get a lot of criticism for sexualizing myself and other people and talking about sex a lot,” Post said.

“As a queer, I’m offended because as a community we’re over-sexualized and always over-emphasized about sex. When I talk about my promiscuity or promiscuity, I find it in my DMs Gay men, because it’s like, “Oh, you’re hurting the community by creating an image of gay men who are overly sexual. “But on the other hand, when an Asian man, a lot of people think it’s very empowering because Asian men have become so asexual in the media that I’m talking about sex and my sex life suddenly becomes Such a very powerful act.”

Booster says Psychosexual is about exploring “those bizarre intersections” where issues are “either empowering or harmful to the community he represents and frustration with it.”