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SZA Recruits Vivica A. Fox for Tarantino-Inspired ‘Kill Bill’ Music Video

kill bill music video full

Vivica A. Fox is giving fans more “Kill Bill” — but this time, in SZA’s new music video. The actress appears as SZA’s driver in the new Christian Breslauer-directed visual for the second track off of her chart-topping album “SOS.

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The nearly five-minute video pulls inspiration from Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts movies, which debuted across two volumes in 2003 and 2004. Fox starred in “Kill Bill.

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Volume 1” and “2” as Vernita Green/Jeanie Bell/Copperhead, and channels her character for a brief cameo in the new video which includes several action-packed nods to the films.

The opening scene references Budd’s trailer and the video continues with replicas of some of the film’s most recognizable moments including O-Ren’s anime compilation and the film’s super fight at the House of the Blue Leaves with the Crazy 88.

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As the video closes, the music switches to another “SOS” favourite, the sultry “Seek & Destroy. There is also a short clip of “Nobody Gets Me” that plays at the start.

kill bill music video