Kim Hyun Joong Scandal Explained: All About South Korean actor Scandal: On Saturday evening, 27th February 2022, good news came from the Korean entertainment industry again. Kim Hyun Joong (35-years-old) declared that he would get wedded! As per Korean media, the girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong is not an entertainer, but an outsider, and the marriage will not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The media of Korea also attached a paragraph saying that when Kim Hyun Joong was in trouble and felt pain, it was because of the company and support of his girlfriend that he regained his inner peace.

Kim Hyun Joong Scandal Explained: All About South Korean actor Scandal

Kim Hyun Joong Scandal Explained

They both have known each other for a long time and have a deep trust in each other, so they decided to join hands at the wedding. Talking of which, Kim Hyun Joong can be regarded as a memory of a generation of Korean admirers. He once became famous with the role of “Yin Ji Hoo” in the Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers”, and then comes up in the Korean version of “Prank Kiss”, and his career continued to rise, but then fell into a scandal and his bright career ruined overnight.

At that time, Kim Hyun Joong had beautiful facial features and gentle temperament. He was called a “walking sculpture” and his appearance in “Boys Over Flowers” was the prototype. But in the year 2014, Kim Hyun Joong suffered a big shock. The former girlfriend suddenly sued the cops, asserting that he was beaten several times by Kim Hyun Joong, and at the same time exposed his medical certificate and pictures of his wounds. Later, Kim Hyun Joong was probed by the cops and released an apology letter.

The domestic violence incident made Kim suffer from a big public controversy, and his personality subsides for a while, and his reputation plummeted. Though this incident reversed, similar to the present turmoil between Wang Leehom and his former wife who went through waves of lawsuits, counterclaims, and withdrawals, and the process of compounding, breaking up, paternity testing, and enlisting in the army.

Kim Hyun Joong's Girlfriend or Wife

Among them, the most mysterious is that at the time of the probe, Kim Hyun Joong also went out to play with his former girlfriend Cui Mou, which directed to Cui Mou become pregnant. It is also stated that at that time, the brokerage firm asked Kim Hyun Joong to appease the lady, but the two went out to relax but were calculated by the lady. In any case, the lady was pregnant and then the lady also exposed the text messages of the conversation between the two.

In the month of May 2015, she sued Kim Hyun Joong for 1.6 billion triumphed, stating that she was hit and hurt mentally and physically because of Kim Hyun Joong. Under the pressure of public opinion, Kim Hyun Joong selects to enlist in the army to avoid the storm.