Kitten Ambush viral Video – Kitten Ambush Video twitter
Kitten Ambush Video

Kitten Ambush viral Video

The video has garnered around 606K views accompanied by several likes and comments. The heartwarming video has prompted many to express their views.

That turned into a lot of kittens!!”, a user wrote. The second user said, “They used the one as bait and then saw it was okay and rushed ya”.

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Kitten Ambush Video

Kitten Ambush Video trending

The third user expressed, “we are getting a kitten Rob they played you well. they chose you, it means a lot you are a good man and this video is the best I’ve watched for a while. thank you.

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The video opens up to show an Instagram user Robert brantley stopping his car to remove a tiny kitten out of the way.

Kitten Ambush Video twitter

Just as he picked up the kitten, the camera turned to a patch of grass off the road where one can see many more kittens running towards him other than the one held in his hand.

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Kitten Ambush Video social media

Sharing the video he wrote, “Left work to go to the range. Passed a baby kitten I knew wouldn’t make it through the night and the wife has been wanting a cat for the farm ‘figured I’d stop and rescue the thing I backed up to get a short clip and got ambushed by the mob. Does anyone want a kitten at a screaming price’ I’ll cut you a deal

Kitten Ambush Video social media

Man rescues lone kitten from the road; gets ambushed by rest of the litter in the viral video. The video opens up to show a man on his way to work who stopped him to rescue the kitten and gets surprised as he picked the adorable kitten in his hands.

Kitten Ambush Video