LA council leaked audio | L.A. Council President Nury Martinez makes racist remarks
LA council leaked audio

LA City Council President Nury Martinez said in leaked audio

After Racist Comments, Los Angeles City Council President Faces Calls to ResignIn a leaked recording of a meeting last year, she mocked Indigenous immigrants and the Black child of a fellow council member.

President of the Los Angeles City Council faced widespread calls to resign on Sunday after a leaked audio recording revealed racist and disparaging remarks about the Black child of a white council member and also about Indigenous immigrants in the city’s Koreatown neighbourhood.

LA council leaked audio full

The comments, made during a meeting last year with two other council members and a labor official, exposed longstanding racial tensions in the governance of one of the nation’s most multicultural cities as well as fault lines among the city’s Democrats.

council leaked audio

Los Angeles council leaked audio

In the profanity-laced recording, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times and which was first reported by The Los Angeles Times, the City Council president, Nury Martinez, who is Latina, compared the Black child of a white council member to a “changuito,” Spanish for little monkey. She also called Oaxacan immigrants living in Koreatown “short little dark people.”

LA council leaked audio