Libby Hopwood leaked onlyfans videos and photos, as Former jockey on twitter and Reddit. Retired jockey and former Sky Racing presenter Libby Hopwood is making a bold professional move after revealing earlier this week that she will be starting an OnlyFans.

Follow in the footsteps of former Supercars driver Renee Gracie, who claims to make $500,000 a month from an adult subscription site.

Libby Hopwood leaked onlyfans videos and photos, Former jockey on twitter and reddit

While OnlyFans is suitable for all types of performers, it stands for adult content.

Hopwood was a jockey until a horrific fall in 2014 left her with a brain haemorrhage, a broken collarbone, a broken shoulder blade and a fractured vertebra.

In 2016, her comeback was delayed after she spent five years at Sky Racing as a form analyst.

Hopwood also has its own business and is still in the stables every day.

Hopwood, who has worked in the horse racing industry for 20 years, said it makes sense to continue doing what she does best, but when it comes to underwear.

“I enjoy a sexually liberated life more,” Hopwood said.

“I met my partner and he helped me be who I was. We took some lovely pictures, but you can’t share them on regular social media, so I thought why not share them on OnlyFans?

“This is a collage of cute and sexy pictures to share without breaking internet rules.

“It just evolved from there.”

Hopwood, who goes by the name Foxy Miss on OnlyFans, told The Telegraph that she has “hundreds of people now paying for her content”.

“I have pictures of underwear and some pictures of my pranks and what we’re doing,” Hopwood said.

“I started a lingerie-only styling section. I love styling, so I thought why not wear lingerie? I’m taking my 20+ years of experience in the industry and trying to share in a sexy, fun way it.”

This isn’t the first time Hopwood has exposed his flesh, either, posing nude in 2017 to raise awareness about wearing a helmet while riding.