Podcasts are an innovative way to spread information about specific events and developments. They disguise themselves with the demands of the environment. In particular, they serve as a source for gathering and gathering information. Ludwig just knew how to sign it.

Ludwig Ahgren video leaked on twitter and reddit – whats happened?

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, commonly known as Ludwig, hosts a podcast called The Yard on YouTube. He also announced that he would be switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming to make his stream exclusive. However, something about his podcast with the YouTube CEO worries him.

Appearing on the Trash Taste podcast, Ludwig recalled the moment that led YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki to visit his podcast. He revealed that Wojcicki’s visit stemmed from an invitation he joked on Twitter. The tweet reads:

Ludwig appreciated the gesture of accepting the invitation. “She’s here, and she’s so good,” he said. When the joke became a new episode of his podcast, another was on the way.

Finally, he tells the story that made him nervous about her visit. He admitted that the podcast host made “not-so-hot jokes” before the interview.

Surprisingly, he went on to explain that Wojcicki wanted to watch his last podcast, which happened to be that joke.

Fortunately, the joke was accepted by her in a good mood. “I think she listened, I think she knew very well what was going on, so she was calm about it,” Ludwig said.

He also mentioned that he was nervous because she saw the joke. He said, “I was scolded… I’m Sowie”. Fortunately, the joke episode ended with a good climax.