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Love was so difficult to describe in ancient Greece that philosophers came up with a four-part classification system to attempt to make sense of it. Storge, phila, eros, and agape were the four categories. Love between family members including siblings and parents was often referred to as “storge”. Friendship love, or phila, is what the Greeks called the affection shared between close friends. Eros, on the other hand, was a more traditional romantic. Finally, the term “divine love” was coined to describe agape.

Everyone’s notion of love is varied in today’s culture since we all have diverse experiences with love. In fact, Merriam-dictionary Webster’s has nearly eight distinct meanings of the word “love”! Love may be defined in many different ways, even by relationship specialists. There is no one definition that suits everyone.

In her book, Rethink Love, author Monica Berg explains, “Unconditional love is about loving someone because they exist. It is important to respect the features in a person that are an expression of their inner self, their essence, in order to be loved or to love unconditionally.”

@luvvababy When was the last time you said to a friend that you liked an iced coffee or a new sweater? We use the word “love” rather loosely in our culture. However, what about romantic connections, you ask? Loyalty and dedication are often the words used by long-term partners to express their feelings for one another, but for individuals in their first genuine relationship, the words “love” may be more confusing and muddy.

To describe love is an impossible task since there are so many nuances involved. @luvvababy Love may be as simple as a sense of safety. Unconditional love helps us feel protected and supported,” Berg adds. It inspires us to seek the things in life that are significant to us. When it’s difficult for you to believe in yourself, sometimes all you need is the support of someone else. Love is the nourishment that humans need to fulfill their greatness.”

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Love can also be described as a give and take. You can’t locate, gather, and safeguard love.” To Berg’s point, “the only way you can recapture love is by giving it away.

Love may also be characterised as the ability to be entirely exposed and trust that your defects will not be used against you by someone you care about.

We’ve already established that love is a roller coaster, and everyone of us experiences it in a unique way because of how we perceive love. Falling in love may be seen as a serene experience by some. Others have described the experience as a “bombardment” of feelings. The fact is that love may be both euphoric and frightening at once.

These sentiments, no matter how ridiculous they may appear, are necessary to experience. Emotions develop and evolve together with the course of love. For all relationships, romantic or not, the sentiments you experience at the beginning may serve as a foundation for how your emotions change throughout time. Authentic, lasting love is founded on mutual trust and a real commitment to each other’s personal and spiritual development,” writes Berg.

1. You Make Future Goals and Goals for Yourself.

When you are completely in love with someone, you have no intention of ever letting them go. A sign that you’ve found your soul mate is when you begin to involve them in all your future plans, whether it vacations or where you’ll be living after your lease is up.

You Encourage Them to Achieve Their Full Potential

The more time you spend together, the more your spouse begins to feel like a part of you. In love, Berg asserts, you support your partner’s journey and who they are at their heart, at their essence.

You Develop a Warmer Relationship With Them.

When you’re in love, you’re naturally drawn to the person you’re infatuated with. Your want to touch hands or have a full-blown makeout session on their sofa is entirely normal. You’re plainly not in love if you find them repulsive.

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