Maid Arrested Bishan: Even after making many strict punishments against crime, crime rates are rising. Seems like all the strategies of law enforcement against the crimes are getting failed as criminals are fearlessly committing many serious crimes. Another heinous crime is coming from Singapore where a maid killed an old man. The maid who was detained on Thursday for the alleged murder of a 73-year-old man at a Bishan HDB unit was charged in court earlier Saturday, 30th April 2022. They had known each other for about 30 years, so when her next-door neighbor pleaded with her to go to her apartment to check on her spouse, Madam Lim was fast to oblige. Follow More Update On

Maid Arrested Bishan

The 67-year-old, who rejected to give her entire name, watched the man lying motionless on a mattress in the living room of the maisonette in Block 222 Bishan Street 23. The 73-year-old man was also lying motionless. His spouse, who is in her 60s0, had discovered him that way on Thursday evening (28th April 2022) after coming back from work. He was reportedly assassinated by a foreign domestic worker, who was later detained. The maid had worked for the family of the sufferer.

Madam Lim in Mandarin stated, “We have known the family for 3 decades and we have said hello at the lift lobby each time. It is unthinkable.” The cops stated they were alerted to the incident at around 08:50 PM on Thursday, and added that the sufferer was declared dead by paramedics. The maid, 49-year-old Sumiyati, who is an Indonesian national, had reportedly killed Mr. Low Hoon Cheong, 73-years-old between the time of 04:00 PM to 08:45 PM. If she is convicted, the maid faces the death penalty.

The unit was locked when a media outlet visited the crime scene on Friday afternoon. Neighbors stated the maid was hired by the family around 2 years ago to look after the sufferer, who used a wheelchair. Madam Lim stated the maid was not in the apartment when she went to the unit on Thursday and added that she could not tell if the sufferer had wounds. The 60-years-old, Mrs. Tan Hwee Yee, who lives down the corridor from the home of the victim on the 8th floor, stated the sufferer required a wheelchair after his health deteriorated in recent years.

Mrs. Tan stated, “I can’t believe this occurred. I am sad, who would not be. I have known them for 2 decades and the man had a good temper.” Another neighbor, who gave her name as Madam Foo, stated the maid was a quiet person who would greet her each time they met at the lift lobby.

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