Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube

Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi viral video

Veteran TV personality and former singer-songwriter Memo Remigi has been canned by Rai state broadcaster for groping a singer’s bottom on live TV last Friday in a video that went viral on the social media.

According to source, on October 26, 2022, Rai broke the terms of the collaboration agreement with singer and TV presenter Memo Remigi.

Both were present at the “Today is another day” programme because the Italian singer-songwriter had inappropriately touched vocalist Jessica Morlacchi during the last episode of Friday, which aired live on Rai.

Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi leaked

The 84-year-old was pictured next to the performer. When the presenter made the following declaration, the vocalist took the next step and gradually lowered his hand until it touched the TV presenter’s bum.

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Trending video, people are criticising him in their comments. After this incident, not only was this Memo terminated from the Rai 1 programme. Additionally, Rai issued a statement in which they claimed Remigi’s peculiar actions were against the firm’s ethics code.

Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi viral youtube

Remigi, meanwhile, tries to defend himself by saying that his actions were “simply a playful gesture.” He wasn’t trying to hurt her; he was just trying to feel at ease with her. People are asking for the link to the video because it is going viral on social media and is simple to watch.

But many of his supporters are standing up for him and saying that he was only kidding around with her.The relationship between Rai and the TV presenter and singer Memo Remigi will end on Thursday October 26, 2022.

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Memo Remigi Jessica Morlacchi full video

When the Italian singer Jessica Morlacchi for the last time on Friday , live on Rai 1, both of them were watching the show “Today. is another day.” An eighty-four-year-old man stood next to the interpreter.

As the presenter spoke, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. At this time, the singer moves forward and slowly lowers his hand until he touches the waist of the presenter.

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