An influencer who regularly receives messages of love from fans is stunned after someone sent her a homemade sex toy.

Mikaela Testa leaked onlyfans on twitter and reddit videos

Mikaela Testa – best known as the OnlyF star – confirmed her split from longtime partner Atis Paul in June after rumours circulated online that they were parting ways. Following the breakup, the 22-year-old travelled overseas and is currently in the US after spending time in Europe and a brief stop in Australia.

In the TikTok clip, Mikaela revealed that her little sister has been helping her with her home and checking her packages.

“I just woke up from a nap and I was embarrassed to see my little sister, who was looking at my house right now, and she went to my mailbox,” Mikaela explained.

“She opened everything up and you guys sent me the cutest things, things on the walls and notes.” But Mikaela revealed she got something very unusual – a homemade sex toy, with a piece of male genitalia on it.

“It was so personal and I was shocked – my little sister!” she said. “That guy doesn’t want to pack. God, you’re making me blush. I’m going to give it a go. “Don’t do that—but I might use it.” Mikaela ends the clip with a giggle at her closing remarks about the potential use of “gift.” The young woman’s followers were stunned by what was sent to her.

“These guys are like ‘Mikaela Testa’s single’? Take my damn beer. I have to make some crockery,’” one person commented in the video.

Another added: “Lmao my brother keeps joking about doing it for you. I hope it’s not.”

One said: “I bet the guy is happy he might use the icon.” A fourth added: “They’re being sent so much right now.” However, some apologized for giving Mikaela such a gift, while others warned her not to use it.