Usually the primary time the approaching Inner Security CAS is confronting such a storm.I trust her spouse has not seen the video.

Millicent Omanga Sex Video viral on social media::

Designated Congressperson Karen Nyamu has guarded Omanga.Here is what she said:

“Yes i have seen the video mnanitumia. Theres completely nothing to be embarrassed of there. We have all been resting butt bare at a few point what is the enormous bargain! The center must instantly move from the lady to the trick taking that video.

Millicent Omanga Video leaked

Kwani wewe ni mtoto? What is your deliberate? There are ladies you cant bring down. Shenzi kabisa wewe. Infact nimeskia wakisema anakaa fiti sana”

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Millicent Omanga Sex Video viral on social media:

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