Moon Knight New Episode 4 Release Date And Time On Disney Plus Explored

The American television miniseries Moon Knight has left no stone unturned to entertain viewers all around the world. the show has kept itself apart from the other ongoing shows because of the mature content that connects viewers easily.

So far, the show has released 2 episodes that have managed to deliver exactly what the viewers wanted. Now, the fans are eagerly awaiting the episode 3 and 4 release dates.

Moon Knight New Episode 4 Release Date And Time On Disney Plus Explored:

Everyone is excited to find out what interesting things they will get to see in the upcoming episode. Check complete details of the said episode in the article below.

The third episode of the series undoubtedly left things in a very interesting place with questions surfacing March Spector, Layla, Arthur Harrow, Steven Grant, Ammit, and Khonsu all in the minds of fans as the series continues to delve into the mysteries of moon Knight and his multiple personalities.

Needless to say, the fans are curious to check what will take place in the next episode. As per sources, Mark gets in nig trouble as he tried to stop Arthur Harrow.

Moon Knight New Episode 4 Release Date

Steven showed the fallout from the encounter with the creature in the Egyptian Museum. Since the stunning introduction last week, thousands of people around the world have to discuss the series. The first episode was released a week ago and even after the passing of so much time, it has remained in the top discussed subjects on social media It speaks volumes about the popularity of the ongoing series and how it attracted the attention of such a large section of people in a short course of time.

Featuring Oscar Isaacs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, the story of the show circulates around Steve Grant. The man gets trapped in a tug of war happening between ancient Egyptian moon god Konshu and mercenary Mark Specter. Moon Knight Episode 3 will be released on April 13, 2022, at 3 PM Eastern Time while episode 4 would be premier on April 20. Season 1 has been getting telecasted every Wednesday on Disney Plus in the United States.

Apart from the US, the series can be watched on Disney Plus in other countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia too. Talking about India, the series will be telecasted every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 PM on Disney+Hotstar. It is no doubt to state that the show has become one of the most trending topics right now. Stay tuned to this space for more such updates.