Badi Maa Gets Angry At Reema, the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 is going to be so amazing undoubtedly, and as we all have been watching the show, saying this just can’t be bad that entertainment is going to hit you all for six tonight.

Badi Maa Gets Angry At Reema:

As in the previous episode we watched that Chitra’s dream to kill Simar is almost about to be fulfilled but Simar has Aarav who will not let his wife die at any cost. On the other side, Reema has signed the contract with Devesh, and the game of drama is taking place on two sides where the first is happening at Vaishno Devi and the second is at Oswal mansion.

Badi Maa Gets Angry At Reema

The SSK2’s tonight’s episode begins with, Aarav telling Simar that he can do anything for her because… Simar asks what…? Aarav is about to say meanwhile Samar comes and say Simar to come. While Yamini comes there and looks at Aarav. Everyone looks at each other. Then, Samar says Simar to go and record the song because it is the big day of everyone’s life and as her cheater husband has come so it does not mean that she will cheat on them.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 (SSK2) Full Written Update

Samar then says her not to think much about anything and focus on her dream because she is not so far from her dream to turn it into reality and she should understand the worth of her talent. She looks at him, he replies that no one is stopping her from flying. Simar is about to say something while Yamini says Samar to leave because he will talk to Simar. He goes, and she asks her why she is not taking her next step now. Simar remains silent.

Yamini Devi says her to go and prepare for the recording and she will talk to Aarav, Simar looks on. She swears on Saraswati Mata saying she is here to handle everything but she should go for the recording. On the other side in Oswal Mansion Sandhya thinks that why Reema has not come yet and gets worried thinking about her. She calls her but there Sandy disconnects the call.

He says Reema not to think much and keep trying because she is dancing great and if she goes like the same she will set the stage on fire. Vivaan also gets worried thinking of Reema. Suddenly, Badi Maa comes there and asks about Reema. He replies that she is about to come and can reach home anytime. Badi Maa replies that Reema would have come here, she always disappoints her. The episode ends here. Stay connected to read more episodes.