In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that on Virat’s suggestion Nima calls Manya home to meet her. Manya agreed and comes to meet Nima. Priyal there calls Virat and asks him to meet her urgently. Virat gets agreed and agreed with her. Virat comes and Priyal started her drama, but when she noticed that Virat isn’t influenced by her words she gets fumes to try to push him from the terrace but Virat gets saved. Priyal was about to fall from the terrace but Virat saves her. Get more information on the latest Nima Denzongpa written update.

Nima Denzongpa 25th April 2022 Written Episode Nima Calls Manya Home to Meet Her

Priyal then comes up with her trick and gets fainted, Virat gets afraid seeing her condition and decided to bring her home. Manya and Nima were shocked that Priyal again entered the house. Virat apologises to Manya and says Priyal will stay here for some time and he can’t do anything in such kind of situation. Manya is extremely disappointed to see Priyal. Nima was also shocked but at the same time, Mona is elated as her plan gets successful.

Later, somehow Nima gets agreed with Virat, they both were talking to each other and Virat appreciates Nima for tolerating Priyal even after all this. Just then Priyal comes into the room and started her mellow drama, she asks Virat not to leave her alone. Nima took no time to understand Priyal’s planning and leaves the room. But Virat stops her in between and noticed that she is getting disturbed by the wind and tried to tie her har but Virat stops her and says don’t stop yourself from feeling the things. Nima looks at Virat and thinks about his words.

Well, this is the first season of the Nima Denzngapa premiered on 23 August 2021, narrating the story of the kind-hearted and incredibly decent young north-eastern girl living in Sikkim. She met with Suresh a young Mumbai based spot boy. They both fall in love with each other and eloped with her without thinking once. She came to Mumbai and faced humiliation and discrimination on each day of her life.

The utmost gripping television show nowadays is more likely to be off-air now. The statement has been released by the titular actress of the show Surabhi Das. Well, it would be interesting how the makers will culminate the show. Tune in to Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 9 PM for exclusive episodes. Stay tuned with News Today Wire for more updates.