One Piece 1047 Spoilers Reddit Raw Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

One Piece 1047 Spoilers Reddit Raw Leaked On Twitter: If you are a lover of One Piece and watch this anime all the time. Then you know how amazing the story was. The thriller, suspense, actions, and fighting scenes in this anime all were amazing.  Many fans have liked it and some even buy the stuff of this anime like mousepads, and posters that fans put on their walls.

This anime started in 1974 when the creators put interesting things in every new chapter and engaged the audience. Now this anime has come up with a new chapter. Yes, the new chapter of this anime has leaked on Reddit, and many were talking about it. In this article, we gonna discuss what’s in the new chapter and when it will come.

One Piece 1047 Spoilers Reddit Raw

One Piece new chapter 1046 has been coming. The dates were not officially announced yet. In this chapter 1046, you will see that Monkey D. Luffy appears to be holding a bolt of lightning in his hand. Kaido is about to be struck by light. Are they going for a fight or it will be something else? Everything will be available known in this article. Keep reading it.

In the starting pages of this manga, Luffy and Kaido will see fighting. The reason for the fighting was known in the previous chapter. If you want to know the full story then you have to watch the previous chapter. Luffy was revealed as the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader by their commander who crowned him the Pirate King.

One Piece 1047 Spoilers Raw Leaked on Reddit

They are both ecstatic as they trade blows and scream at each other. Luffy’s supporters and opponents were debating how to handle the situation. The fire has already completely engulfed the entire area. At that time, Bepo appeared helpless due to the intense heat in his surroundings and see that Luffy and Kaido were arguing about something.

After some time, Jinbe and Raizo came and started watching the whole incident. When the two don’t understand what’s going on here then they watched the incident. Raizo who was haunted by the past events never involve in any argument whereas Jinbe was a complete stranger to both of them. The official date is not come as of now. Fans don’t know when this anime will be released. It has been said that the anime will come in this month. But there is no confirmation about it.

Day after day the number of fans of anime is rising throughout the world. After a great chapter of One Piece 1046, the readers and OP fans have plenty to look forward to as the Wano Country Arc races towards its exciting ending. Chapter 1046 gave the admirers some of the most fascinating actions between Kaido and Luffy and at the same, time delved deep into the ongoing crisis of fire on Onigashima. With Luffy displaying his abilities even more and matching Kaido in the fight, admirers got to know what awakening truly is from Kaido, and now, the manga heads towards the new chapter 1047.

At the same time, the master plan for Raizo to douse the fire in Onigashima was set into motion. By using all the water from the bath of Zunesha, Raizo was able to save countless lives from being lost. Jinbe, the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, used his Fishman Jiujutsu in order to spread the water across the whole castle and save everyone. With the fire out of the way, the plot of the Wano Country arc now has even fewer things to handle or tackle, meaning the climax of the fight of the Luffy against Kaido will be further aimed at in “One Piece Chapter 1047”.

What To Expect From One Piece Chapter 1047?

The new chapter is likely going to pick up right from where the previous one left off. The final panel of the last chapter watched Luffy as his giant from rising to the skies and holding lightning itself to attack Kaido, who watched rather ecstatic to watch what the former was capable of. The upcoming chapter is most likely going to view admirers how Luffy uses the lightning bolt to assail Kaido.

Given that Yonko is best known for his durability, it is more than likely that he will try to tank the blow. While the attack Luffy is often incredibly powerful, it is not strong sufficient to conquer Kadio completely, even when he is on his last legs. Though Kaido is most often going to take quite a lot of damage after the attack. This ties up well with him using the Flame Clouds to lift Onigashima. If Kaido weakens further, Onigashima is likely going to fall, meaning it is up to Momonosuke to grab the island up using his own Flame Clouds. It is highly likely that this will occur in One Piece Chapter 1047.