For the fans anticipating the unused chapter of One Piece manga this week, there’s some baffling news. The up-and-coming chapter, One Piece Chapter 1059, is deferred and will not be discharged this week as per the planned date.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Delayed | New Release Date & Time ALL DETAILS

Watch your favorite anime without charge with Funimation’s 14-day free trial Meanwhile, let’s do a few catch-up as to what has been going on within the past chapter of One Piece manga.

Whereas Luffy is injured and bolted in a cage since of what he did back in Wanokuni. Besides, Nami is still frantic at Luffy and won’t let him out of the cage in spite of his statements of regret.

One Piece Chapter 1059 Delayed | New Release Date & Time ALL DETAILS

On the other hand, a modern coo conveys the daily paper containing the modern berry bounties for the straw cap privateers.

Robin peruses out boisterously to the full group; clearly, Franky was a bit disturbed by the bounty and his wrong picture on the needed poster.

Furthermore, we have to know the genuine part of Buggy. Beaten up and held captured by Crocodile and Mihawk, we see Buggy arguing for his life.

The reason for him getting beaten up? Well, because it turns out, the bunch on which Buggy has been appearing as his specialist is really established by Mihawk and Crocodile.

To create things more regrettable for Buggy, there’s a modern blurb that was sent out, which had Buggy’s confront as the group’s boss.

Interests, Buggy was ignorant of this all this time. The chapter, however, ended as a nail-biter when Koala answered the call.

To his surprise, the voice said, it’s me, Sabo! Moreover, we know that the call was being interpreted by the Marine headquarters all this while.

As to how One Piece Chapter 1059 turns out and how the events will turn out, we’ll simply have to wait and see. As for the new release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1059, let us have a look.

With the news of One Piece chapter r1059 being deferred this week, Viz Media has affirmed the discharge date of the up and coming chapter on its site.

Agreeing to Viz, One Piece Chapter 1059 will be discharged in 11 days, that’s, Sunday, September 11th.

As for the discharge timings of chapter 1059, the chapter will be accessible to study online on Viz Media and Manga Additionally at these times.