Pakhi Agrees To Attend Anupama’s Wedding, The latest episode of Anupamaa starts with Anu slipping in the kitchen. Toshu gets scared as he holds her on time. He asks Anu to be careful as she is about to get married. Anu says that he got married without her blessings but she will need his wishes at her wedding.

Pakhi Agrees To Attend Anupama’s Wedding:

Anu says that he might have missed her presence at his wedding. She adds that her wedding would be incomplete without him. Toshu leaves. Later, Samar hugs Toshu and asks him to attend Anu’s wedding.

Pakhi Agrees To Attend Anupama’s Wedding

Pakhi arrives with her old Lehanga and requests that Anu loosen it up a little. Anu inquires about a dance competition at her school.

Pakhi claims it’s for her wedding and claims she doesn’t want to increase her expenses by buying new Lehangas for other rites, but she does need a new one for the wedding. Anu tries to hug her and tells her she can do everything she wants, including wearing new Lehangas, taking slow-motion selfies with her, and posting Maa-Beti rock on social media.

Anupamaa Today’s Written Episode Update

Pakhi reminds Toshu that Samar is correct. No one has an opportunity to do mother’s Bidayi, so they should take advantage of it. Pakhi hugs him and says that when Anu can fight with the whole world, can they not fight with their friends. She advises Toshu to have his new kurta stitched and tells him that she will attend mummy’s wedding, but it is up to him whether he wants to go.

Toshu gives Anu a sidelong glance before walking away. Anu is overjoyed with Pakhi’s involvement and stumbles into Vanraj while strolling. Toshu remembers Samar and Pakhi’s advice, Anupama’s concern, Malvika’s dismissal, his appeal to Rakhi for a job, and then insulting Vanraj. Vanraj approaches him. Toshu inquires as to when he arrived. Vanraj recently stated that he witnessed Anu’s joy after Pakhi agreed to attend her wedding.

Vanraj encourages Toshu to attend the wedding if he so desires, and notes that every son’s father is his role model, and Toshu is no exception. He claims he’s been in two minds his entire life, but he doesn’t want him to be the same. He advises that Toshu follows in his footsteps, yet he does not want him to imitate him. He claims that he should change for Kinjal at the very least and that he should prioritize his happiness before success, and so on. Follow for more updates.