Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video Leaked Reddit, Twitter, Goes Viral On Social Media: According to the most recent reports, the Canadian Armed Forces are looking for a small plane that has been reported missing since Thursday morning.

There were two people on board when the plane took off from Delhi, Ontario, around 3:45 p.m. that afternoon. When the London Flight Information Centre announced the jet was late, the people who went missing were on their way to Marathon.

Major Trevor Reid, a senior public affairs officer with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Trenton, verified the information to the media outlet and indicated that rescue operations to locate the two mission members are already underway.

Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video Leaked Reddit, Twitter, Goes Viral On Social Media

“At this time, search operations are concentrated in a region presumed to be 60 kilometers north of Sault Ste. Marie,” Reid explained. Since Thursday evening, heavy snow and poor conditions on the ground have made search efforts exceedingly difficult. ”

According to Reid, the rescue squad has undertaken electronic searches but has been unsuccessful thus far. “At this time, a CH-146 Griffon helicopter, an RCAF CC130H Hercules airplane, and a CH-149 Cormorant helicopter are all participating in the search,” he added.

“He is also supported by an OPP helicopter and a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter.” On some flights, Civil Air Search and Rescue Association spotters are stationed.” According to a Facebook post, two men were missing on Thursday night after their plane lost signal over the Wawa area.

The Wawa Ontario Plane Crash Video in Ontario explained.

A search team was launched Friday evening to look for the pilot, Brian Slingerland, and his friend, John Fehr, according to the Facebook post. The search continued into Saturday, but low visibility made it difficult to locate their locations. The two were flying from Ontario to Alberta, according to the post’s author, Mary Reimer, John’s sister. The roots of Reimer and Slingerland were not included in the post concepts.

According to Reimer’s initial post, “my brother John and his pilot companion were en route from Ontario to Alberta in a recently purchased airplane.” When their signal went off, they were near Wawa, Ontario. They’ve been missing since last night. We’re assembling a tracking crew, and they’ll depart tonight to hunt for the rest of the day tomorrow. The weather was exceedingly unfavorable last night, and it has only gotten worse today. The visibility is really poor. As a result, choppers have yet to locate them. To put it mildly, we’re afraid and concerned. If you pray, please join us in praying that they are recovered safely.”