There is a piece of news going over the social media and internet network about Rady Johnson. In the information, it is said that he get arrested and under the custody of the officials. Many individuals have questions and queries in their minds about him. The question on social media like why was he arrested? what was his fault? is he committing some crime?. sources said that Rady Johnson get arrested from his residence. It is said that he is an employee of a very well-known Pfizer Drug Company. Many individuals are now surfing the Internet to get more information about him and why he is being detained by the officials. We are here to give you every possible detail and update about him, so stay tuned to our blog page and get very professional and personal news about Rady Johnson in this article. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

RADY JOHNSON ARRESTED, Why Was Rady Johnson Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations!

Rady Johnson Arrested

As mentioned Rady Johnson is arrested by the officials from his house, and it is said that he was arrested because of a fraud case. The federal officials arrested Rady Johnson from his residence and now they are waiting for a bail hearing. He was arrested for many frauds and experiments With the death of innocent people. According to the sources his lower request from the court for a media blackout. there are a lot of queries that come out after this incident happened. He is arrested for fraud charges by the officials of Federal.

Why Was Rady Johnson Arrested? Reason

According to the information a General said that there is almost 1200 innocent individuals get died on the first day after they get the vaccine. After this incident, the VP of Pfizer Rady Johnson gets detained from his residence place by the officials. The officials made a lot of charges off-road on him. There are almost thousands of paperwork belonging to the Professor circulated all over the social media and the internet. In the paperwork, it is said that the use of the vaccine is very risky.

Rady Johnson All Charges & Allegations

Instead of this warning, Rady Johnson launches this vaccine and because of this a lot of people get dead. He was arrested but it is said that he get bailed very soon. As we said in the previous paragraph the lawyer of  Rady Johnson of asking from the court for a media blackout so the arrest of  Rady Johnson is also very quiet and there is not a lot of information about this incident. According to the information it is said that he joined the company in the year 1984.

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