Reddit: Who Is Ree Marie @txreemarie_disruptive on TikTok? Age, Instagram, Net Worth: Recently, Txreemarie disruptive a user from TikTok becoming popular in the eyes of the public and covered on many social media platforms. Currently, she met with an accident where she broke her jaw, faced multiple fractures, also have a brain injury. In this article, we gonna discuss how she met with an accident, what was she known for, is safe now. All your answers are available in this article. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Reddit: Who Is Ree Marie @txreemarie_disruptive on TikTok? Age, Instagram, Net Worth

Who Is Ree Marie @txreemarie_disruptive on TikTok?

Social media is the new era of this whole world. Most people which you follow them, which they became popular, got name, fame all will be possible because of social media. Among them, the most popular app which many people used and liked.

That was TikTok. Yes, Tik Tok became the most powerful app in the online world. No one competes with them. This app is known for its short videos. The video is played for twenty to thirty seconds where the creator has to show some uniqueness and creativity in the video where people liked him and engage in the video.

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Who Is @txreemarie_disruptive on TikTok?

Through this platform, many became famous. They got name, fame, money. Some videos became viral on the internet while some were struggling to get attention on social media. Even, some became trending on the internet where the whole world was talking about them. A TikTok user @txreemarie disruptive became widely popular as she was getting a lot of attraction from the people and they are watching the videos on a daily basis.

Ree Marie: Age, Instagram

Her real name was Ree Marie. She works as a role model on social media platforms. On her account, she got 751.2k followers and got 6 million views and likes on her videos. Recently, she create a page on GoFundMe where she was asking for help. She says Help for Todd and a lot of prayers were required from your side.


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In the description, the page says, It was heartbreaking news to announce in front of you guys that My Brother in Law whose name is Todd has met an accident. Last week, he was go to the grocery store where he has to buy some eatables and snacks for himself. When he was coming back, he ran into a cow traveling about 60 mph. The cow landed on top of the small car, he was driving. Since that accident, Todd has been in the ICU in a medically induced coma. The doctor’s biggest concern was his brain injury, although he also has a broken jaw and multiple facial fractures.


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