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Rosewood Downs Primary School Video

news of parents who slam teachers for mocking their sons in an online video that was filled with innuendo. The video is going viral on the internet.

Everyone on the internet is angry with teachers as they mocked a student. The staff of the school is receiving backlash from everyone after this video goes viral.

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Now the public on the internet is very curious to know about this whole case. They want to know what was wrong with the video. So PKB News has gathered a lot of information about this viral video case.

This controversy of parents who slammed school staff over a video which was made for the principal that appears to mock children which also include their son. This controversy is of a Rosewood Downs primary school in Melbourne.

Leah and Vince are the parents of a 10-year-old boy who got mocked by his school staff in the video. His parents said that they were very shocked after watching the video which include their son “Max” and 12 other boys from the school who were also mocked by the staff. They said this is the most disgusting thing which has ever happened.