WATCH: Scott Morrison Blessed Video Goes Viral On Social Media!: The whole over the world knows that Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia. He is an Australian Political serving as the 30th and current minister of Australia. Now he is in controversy, just because of giving an unethical bite. Australian PM Mr. Morrison said he was “blessed” not to have children with a disability during a debate, and just because of this statement, people started to criticize him for his so low thinking.

A PM should not be like this. He should be opinionated equal to each and every one. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has to take an apology for his statement. He said “deeply sorry for comments he made during the debate after significant backlash from disability advocates, including Australian of the year Dylan Alcott.

Scott Morrison Blessed Video

Australian PM being asked the question regarding the Coalition’s plans for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) by the mother of a child with autism. That mother told everything to PM. The mother, Catherine stated that she is very grateful to receive support for her four-year child’s son through the NDIS but, like others, her funding has been also cut. She also added in her words that, she has been told to give her son the best future, she needs to vote for Labor. Prime Minister was listening to her.

She also told to PM that “Can you please tell me what the future of the NDIS looks like under your government. During the speech, the Australian PM was carefully listening to her and now it was his turn to reply to her.

Australian Mr. Morrison said that “Jenny and he have been blessed, they have two children that don’t – that have not had to go through that. He added that I think that is the beauty of the National Disability Insurance  Scheme.

These were the words of the Australian PM. He did not realize that he is not just a father but he is an organizer of the country, and his words would be impacted very badly on him. But he did not realize anything, he said whatever he believed. After the statement of the Australian PM People started to criticize him on social media.

Netizens started to doubt him, they choose the right person and they did a mistake. When PM Mr. Morrison began to criticize everywhere, he realized what did he wrong? This news has been viral on a very huge level. people did not from Australia but from all over the world started to criticize him. Then he has taken apology.