WATCH: Scott Van Pelt Dog Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Dogs are always considered the best friends of humans. Even dogs always showed their loyalty to their owners. The friendship between dogs and humans is always exemplified and many films have been also created which depict the loyalty and friendship between them and their owners. Dogs as a pet also help us to release our stress and make us relax but as we all know dogs do not have a long life and whenever any owner lost their dog they get devastated by it as they are always treated as family members. Follow More Update On

Scott Van Pelt Dog Video

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt’s dog Otis became a staple of his video segments from the house at the time of the pandemic. It was a common scene for several people working from him to have more time with their pets and work with their dogs close by, ready to make cameos on video conferences. In “Just So Stories,” English poet and writer Rudyard Kipling wrote a dog is ‘the first pal because he will be our friend for always and always and always.”

When you lose that pal, it is profound. Otis passed away recently, and Van Pelt used his regular segment “One Big Thing” in order to pay tribute. As per the latest report, ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt captured it in the best but most moving way. Van Pelt took closely 6 minutes of his edition of SportsCenter to speak about his death of him whenever the host wrote anything or was on Zoom interviews. He sings the praises of Otis beautifully but also captured the love between the dog and family, particularly for his.

Scott Van Pelt Dog Video Explained

Van Pelt started in the segment that “If this hurt is the cost of the transaction for being on the getting end of a mighty love that I got to know in Otis the dog, then I pay it with enormous gratitude.” Van Pelt further added, “Simply by his presence. He has been a joyous and loving constant every single day of our lives.” Watch the entire thing, whilst I will warn you that if you have lost a dog recently or ever, it may be difficult to watch.

Twitter can be a tough forum for raw moments. And then, every once in a while, a string comes around that hits home. The tribute of Van Pelt to Otis did just that, and users replied with photos and memories of their own work-from-home companions. our deepest condolences to Van Pelt and his family.

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