WATCH: Singapore Golden Mile Fight Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Reddit, and, Twitter: Recently, news has been seen that on April 14, a bunch of guys was involved in a fight near the Golden Mile Complex where they are first arguing on some topic and then they start fighting with each other. The reason for the fight is not known yet. Cops have arrested the four men and they are putting the charges on him. During this incident, some people were injured. Some got severe injuries while some got minor injuries. In this article, we gonna discussed briefly what exactly happened at the Golden Mile Complex and also discuss for which reason, the guys were fighting. So without delaying any further minute. Let’s get started.

Singapore Golden Mile

It has been reported that four men who were around 22 to 25 started fighting at about 2:40 am on Thursday. Among them, one man has held a silver-coloured object that resembled a blade.

Through that blade, he attacked one woman. The lady wasn’t even strong to stop him. But she tries her best. She was around 41 years old. She faced multiple cuts on her body and now she was getting her treatment.

According to reports, the man has slashed his own wrists with a chopper. The reason for doing this was not known yet. Maybe he wants to protect himself or he wants to show the police that he was not the victim. The victim was somebody else. Who knows what is the exact reason. Cops are looking into his case and they are finding out the real truth.

Singapore Golden Mile Fight Video

The incident took on Thursday when everything was going normal. People were busy with their work and some are chilling with their friends, taking the coffee. And All of a sudden, the incident will happen. Cops have shut down the road for some time and passers-by face some issues. At the time of writing, maybe cops have cleared the road. Cops are also looking into a fight that broke out earlier.

When this news came out on the internet. Everyone was shocked and every news channel and every site was covering the whole incident. As of now, the victim’s identity was not revealed yet. And the identity of the woman who has been cut has not been revealed yet. Their family details were not known. If something would came up, then we definitely inform you.