Beach Road Slasher Singapore: Slashing Suspect Arrested with attempted murder: As per the latest report, the man who reportedly slashed his spouse continuously outside a restaurant on Beach Road is separated from her, those who know the pair stated. They further added that the man 46-years-old and his 41-years-old wife have 2 children a boy and a girl. The family hails from China, said the staff of restaurants in the area. Wei Chen Xiang, a worker from Zhong Hua Steamboat, stated the sufferer has been serving at Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat for about a year and explained her as friendly. Both eateries are on Beach road. The 32-years-old Wei stated, “She always said hello with a smile when we ran into each other and looked to be a good-natured person.”

Beach Road Slasher Singapore

The owner of Samurai BBQ, Leonard Shi which is located on Liang Seah Street, stated the lady hailed from Henan, a province in Central China. He said, “I heard she intended to go back to China some time ago, but stayed on the aid her boss with the hotpot restaurant here. Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat had its shutters down when a news outlet visited on Friday afternoon. When contacted, one of their staff members stated they were assisting with cops’ probes and rejected to comment further.

Most of the eateries in the area were open on Friday, with a steady flow of patrons coming back to the area after the horrific attack on Thursday afternoon. Videos and clips of the incident view a lady with numerous injuries on the ground outside Zhong Hua Steamboat as a man confronts her with a chopper. The workers of the Restaurant had to intervene in the incident by throwing plastic chairs and metal signposts to stop him.

Shi and Wei were among the individuals who confronted the alleged attack. A number of workers chased him into a path behind the row of restaurants prior to he was tasered inside the restaurant where his wife works. On Friday, a keen watcher spotted peeking into the path where the ma was confronted, and inspecting the ground where the sufferer lay bleeding. A lady who wanted to be known only as Ms. Lam (26-years-old) stated: “I was stunned when I read the news on Thursday. Since I have plans to meet pals here for lunch today, I thought to take a look around.”

Another person Ming Li, a 33-years-old who was having lunch with a pal in the eaters along Liang Seah Street stated “We do not date to dine too close to the incident site after watching video clips of the attack. It was very violent. But the man has been detained, so we decided to stick to our plans to dine in the area.”