Prosecutors in South Florida have reported a second-degree kill charge against social media show Courtney Clenney related to the lethal cutting of her live-in boyfriend.

Social media model Clenney charged with killing boyfriend in Florida

MIAMI (AP) — Prosecutors in South Florida reported a second-degree kill charge Thursday against social media show Courtney Clenney in association with the deadly wounding of her live-in boyfriend.

Miami-Dade State Lawyer Katherine Fernandez Rundle declared the charge against the 26-year-old demonstrates amid a news conference.

Clenney was captured Wednesday in Hawaii. Fernandez Rundle said Clenney, who goes by the title Courtney Tailor on such stages as Instagram and OnlyFans, remained imprisoned in Hawaii whereas specialists look for her removal to Florida.

She showed up in a court on Hawaii’s Huge Island Thursday, where she postponed her right to a removal hearing and concurred to return to Florida.

Judge Henry Nakamoto requested her held without safeguard pending extradition. Fernandez Rundle characterized Christian Obumseli’s April 3 passing at the couple’s Miami flat as the summit of a “tempestuous and combative relationship” that started in November 2020.

The province restorative inspector said in a post-mortem examination report that Obumseli, who worked in cryptocurrency, kicked the bucket from a powerful descending push from a edge that went 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) into his chest, puncturing a major course.

Agreeing to a capture report, Clenney recognized slaughtering Obumseli but said she acted in self-defense.

She said Obumseli had pushed her and tossed her to the floor, which provoked her to seize a cut and toss it at Obumseli from around 10 feet (3 meters) absent.

The restorative inspector said Obumseli’s wound seem not have been caused by a cut tossed from that distance.

Clenney’s Miami defence legal counselor, Straight to the point Prieto, said the therapeutic examiner’s conclusions won’t stand up to logical investigation when they contend self-defense at trial.

He recognized that Clenney and Obumseli had a violent relationship but said Obumseli was the essential aggressor.

Obumseli was the abuser, the most noticeably awful kind of abuser,” Prieto said in a articulation. “He would control and manhandle Courtney in private when he thought no one was around.”


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