stephen bear video twitter – stephen bear Leaked onlyfans
stephen bear video twitter

stephen bear Leaked onlyfans

The former reality star had captured CCTV footage of him having sex with Georgia Harrison in his back garden on August 2, 2020, and uploaded it to the site.

Ms Harrison, 28, said she did not know that they were being filmed and told Bear not to share footage when he showed it to her later.

Stephen Bear showed little contrition over his sex tape conviction today – as he joked about his criminal mugshot showing ‘he needed a holiday’.

Bear’s sycophantic fans were last night championing the convicted pervert on TikTok after his video, with one saying ‘I love you so much xxxx’ as another said ‘Beautiful ♥good luck’. A third added: ‘Good luck tomorrow.

stephen bear video twitter

Bear, 33, today faces up to two years in jail after being convicted of two counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress and two counts of voyeurism.

And last night the disgraced pervert released a video on TikTok showing him with current fiancé, Jessica Smith, saying ‘Brb, crying’.

The 3min 44sec video shows Bear licking his 23-year-old lover’s face, kissing her in front of the Eiffel Tower and feeding her a chicken leg to the remixed tune of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’.

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They’re also shown pouting together and going on holiday. Shameless reality TV star Stephen Bear shared a TikTok video of himself cuddling and kissing his fiance in bed just hours before being sentenced for sharing a private sex video with ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison on OnlyFans.

The disgraced Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother personality was captured on CCTV having sex with Ms Harrison, 28, in his back garden on August 2, 2020, before then uploading it to OnlyFans and sharing it on WhatsApp.

Brb crying’ Shamed reality star Stephen Bear, 33, shares TikTok video of himself with fiance Jessica Smith, 23, as he prepares to be sentenced for sharing sex tape of ex Georgia Harrison on OnlyFans.

stephen bear Leaked onlyfans