Hello, all the music lovers, finally we are back with the exclusive updates of your favourite singing reality show “Superstar Singer 2” as the 30th April 2022 episode. As the final audition is going to take place through which you will get the best singing experience. As all contestants are ready to spread the magic of their sizzling performances so that, they could get the selection for the top 12/13 contestants. Therefore, almost everyone is curious to get the updates of recent broadcasting, so do not miss streaming the show as you are going to bless with an amazing singing experience.

The recent episode begins where you will stream that contestant Samaira will come to set the stage on fire through her amazing singing skills, as Arunita Kanjhilal is preparing her for the upcoming performance. As she sings the “Isiliye Tumhe Pyaar Kiya” song while holding the original essence of the genuine track. So you could suppose how would the episode be amazing, even the way Arunita Kanjhilal addresses in front of the judges, seems amazing and enhances the curiosity of the admirers. Even Alka Yagnik gives the best gestures by encouraging her to sing well, so that, she could not feel queasy.

Later, contestant Aruna comes and executes her sizzling performance while singing the doing of our legend Kishore Kumar, while attempting his songs while holding the original touch of the original touch. Meanwhile, contestant Vishwaja also sets the hot atmosphere while singing the Laavni “Wajle Ki Bara”. But the entire attention has been grabbed by contestants Manuii and Pranjal, as they are remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone since the makers have dropped the promos. Therefore, almost everyone is waiting for a long to get the broadcasting, as final auditions are maintaining the consistency in the limelight.

The makers have recently dropped the exclusive promos officially through which, you could get a glimpse of the coming activities which are going to occur in the recent episode. Many speculations are coming out while claiming the 15 names of those contestants who are going to select by the judges. But till now, only reports are claiming the news, so, therefore, you will have to be patient a bit ahead as still, a few hours are pending in the broadcasting. So, therefore, you could get a glimpse while streaming the promos, even though we have mentioned everything here. So do not miss streaming it on Sony Television and for more details stay tuned with us.

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