Suspect Found & Arrested In Hillary Gardee Murder Case, Check Out Her Death Reason, Age & More!

As per the recent reports, very heartbreaking news is coming up where a woman named Hillary Gardee who is 28 years old and is being said an informed by the reporters that she has been killed and it is said that she was a part of a criminal operation. Hearing her death news everyone was in shock and her body was being found on Tuesday in a timber plantation she was missing for many days. However, EFF leader Julis Malema is also hitting back against all the theories related to her death. Stay tuned with us for the latest update As per a report Malema said in an interview that yes we agree that women were killed but this situation was of many years back before the EFf was formed and now you can’t blame the policy of effing and she also mentions that people don’t have a mind and they always try to figure out some useless reason and those reasons are not even valid. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Suspect Found & Arrested In Hillary Gardee Murder Case

Crime against women has increased and this started in the colonial era. Being a woman is power and we should all respect it but we have seen that women get a lot of hatred and they are always treated badly and they are being hated even if the woman is Black Or if she is going to work. These all reasons are not valid and not at all acceptable by anyone it is just hatred. People are sending condolence for her may her soul rest in peace. Malema is very angry and she is showing her reaction when she said that not everyone matters the only people who matter to her are who are standing with women.

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And sending condolence she also mention that not every person is the same. And we cannot accept anything from anyone and we cannot bother anyone but this is a heartbreaking situation and the situation is even getting worst. As per the resources we have received that the funeral of Hillary will be at the Church which is situated on the hill of kamagugu this coming Saturday however it was a very brutal death.

Hillary Gardee: Funeral & Obituary

And someone shot her on the back of her head. However, it is very shocking that the police are doing the investigation but they are not able to find that she was being shot brutally. They are not investigating the whole case and not looking outside the borders of the essay may be the culprit is out of their hands. No one can shoot any person without any reason until and unless there is a huge amount.

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