Madeleine McCann Missing Case Update | Suspect Identified 15 Years After Her Disappearance

Madeleine McCann collected enormous attention worldwide after she went missing in 2007. She accumulated this hefty amount of attention when the law enforcement even failed to chase the girl. Even after 15 years, the case is becoming one of the most prominent topics to discuss among the netizens.

The case again turned the flow of attentiveness on the Internet and most the netizens are learning more about the criminal of the offense. This case is considered one of the eminent child kidnapping cases in the history of crime. The complete investigation team bends over backward to conclude the case. Get more information on Madeleine McCann’s case.

According to the latest reports, one of the most infamous criminals named Christian Brueckner is serving imprisonment in his native country Germany. He is considered a pedophile and a rapist, he is the prominent culprit behind this immense brutality to the young girl. On 3rd May 2007, the girl disappeared from her bedroom at a resort located in Algarve. At the time, their parents were in a restaurant. The girl vanished on the same night. The case even came to the attention of the police and they begin their investigation.

Madeleine McCann Missing Case Update

During the investigation, the investigation finds out the connection 44 years old rapist as the main culprit of the abhorrent crime. The German law authorities also carried out an interview on behalf of their Portuguese colleagues revealing that during the barrage of probing several questions but the criminal remained silent throughout the complete negotiation. While moving back to the time when she was on the holiday from the United Kingdom along with her parents named Kate and Gerry McCann along with some accompanying other families.

The family went to a restaurant for dinner located just 55 meters away. The parents return home at around 11 PM when her mother noticed that their daughter wasn’t in the room. The family approached the police authority and initially believed that the young girl passed away in an accident. In addition to this, it is being said by Portuguese police that the parents of the kid were hiding something.

Later, Madeleine’s household sustain the investigation by private detectives until Scotland Yard started an investigation on its own in 2011. The investigation team then opened up several facts and says that it was looking like a planned kidnapping. Along with the passage of time investigation team came out with the real culprits and booked him for jail. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.