Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Raw: Release Date and Leaked Spoilers on Reddit and Twitter: Tokyo Revengers is an ongoing Japanese manga series that has been going on really well and entertaining the viewers very much. There is a huge craze among people for this manga series. It has become one of the most-watched and anticipated manga series. As of now, a total of 243 chapters have been released. Recently, the news has come that two panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans have been leaked today. Yes, you read it right that this news has made the headlines. Several people are searching for the details about the news. In this news, we are going to share some essential details about chapter 244.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Raw: Release Date and Leaked Spoilers on Reddit and Twitter

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Raw

As per the sources, two panels of Tokyo Revengers chapter 244 raw scans got leaked today through the courtesy of Twitter user Mina @taiyakiboi02, and they were enough to shock the fandom. While chapter 243 stated that the final battle will happen at Old Cargo Bay, however, the readers didn’t have any idea about it. Now, the visual of the place has connected multiple foreshadowings together and offered rise to wild speculations.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Release Date

In chapter 243, the formation of the Kantou Manji Gang was unveiled. Wakasa, Benkei, and Hanma were also disclosed to have joined Kantou, along with the expected members. He bade his farewell to Hina with a promise that he will come back to her for sure. On 09 September, Kantou and Toman left for the final battle which was scheduled to happen at the Old Cargo Bay. The first of the two panels of the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 RAW scan shows the faces of Takemichi and Mikey side by side.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Leaked Spoilers on Reddit and Twitter

In a dialogue shared with the scans. Takemichi challenges by stating that they must involve in the fight with the intention of killing. The gang of Takemichi and he himself went there with the intention of ruining the Kantou Manji Gang and reclaiming the name of Tokyo Manji Gang.

However, the second page shows the two gangs accusing each other. On the side of Toman, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Inui, Smiley, Senju, and Takemichi are famously shown. In the Kantou corner, Benkei, Hanma, Wakasa, Kakucho, Mochizuki, and the Haitani Brothers are displayed leading the charge. As per the spoilers, the final fight is going to take place over train tracks. This essential motif seems to come back again and again in the series. Stay tuned with us for more updates.