Twitter user @Thatgurlgg1 was posted a video on twitter. Santosogerio Thatgurlgg1 Twitter video that is currently viral on twitter.

Thatgurlgg1 viral video – Who is Maggots Girl

we will discuss interesting information about who is Thatgurlgg1 and why Thatgurlgg1 video trending on Twitter and other social site.

Thatgurlgg1 is a Twitter user. Recently, He made a Twitter account on January 2022. He was posted Santosogerio maggot video on twitter. Just a few hours, he gained 1.1K follower on Twitter. Now, Thatgurlgg1 is trending on Twitter.

Santosogerio Thatgurlgg1 video explained:

A Girl With Maggot Weird Video was posted by Twitter user @SANTOSOGERIO and then the video was deleted or Removed from twitter. Santosogerio viral content took place on social media. However, the video was shared by many other Twitter users.

Reaction of twitter user on santosogerio Thatgurlgg1 video:

One Twitter user wrote “ me searching up @Thatgurlgg1 and watching the vid.”