The Kapil Sharma Show, 5th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Shaan, Palash Sen, and KK on TKSS: Here, we are back with the written update of the most popular comedy reality show The Kapil Sharma Show which is going to air tonight. Yes, another episode of TKSS is ready to excite the viewers. This weekend, some amazing stars are going to make their special appearances on the show. Every week, the fans excitedly wait for the weekend, only to Kapil Sharma’s show as it provides huge laughter and entertainment to the viewers. Tonight is going to singing special night as three great singers are coming to the show who will make the atmosphere melodious by singing some of their hit songs. Here, you will get some highlights of the upcoming show.

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 3

In the episode, the viewers are going to see some amazing singing stars including Shaan, Palash Sen, and KK. As we all know that these three are some of the most prominent and well-established singers in the Bollywood industry. These three stars are going to make tonight’s episode extremely interesting and special. Tonight, the viewers will enjoy some amazing music with lots of fun and laughter. The stars will be seen having fun with the host and other cast members. So, get ready to watch tonight’s episode on time.

In the episode, host Kapil Sharma will introduce the guests one by one and they will make their entries by singing one of the hits songs of their career. All three stars come on the stage while Kapil gives them a warm welcome. After that, Kapil Sharma starts his questioning session in his funny style. He says that he noticed that since lockdown happened, Shaan is making and singing songs only for his own company and also releasing them on his channel then he asks him when he realized that instead of selling sweets in someone else’s shop, you should start your own shop to which Shaan says when someone else’s shop closed for him. Everyone laughs aloud at it.

Later, Kapil then says to Palash that he named his company with a smart name but there are some people who named their company in their own name to which he says that he is a doctor so he had only medical names like diaherria, and so on. So, imagine if he named his company as diaherria, how it sounds like. Everyone laughs at it. Ahead, other cast members will come on the show and will entertain the guests. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “The Kapil Sharma Show” on Sony Tv at 09:30 pm.