The Masked Singer Spoilers For Season 7: Is Michael Rooker the Cyclops? Explained: The 7th season of the popular reality show “The Masked Singer” is already off to a great beginning! After the eviction of the Ram who was disclosed as Joe, the 3 remaining contestants from group A alias Firefly, Cyclops, and Thingamabob are ready to fight it out to make a spot into the finale of the show. While admirers are confident about the identity of Thingamambob, and Firefly, the Cyclop costume is proving to be a lot difficult to guess.

The Masked Singer Spoilers

The Masked Singer Spoilers

Even though several admirers discovered that the Team Bad’s Cyclops” voice was expected, the assortment of hints ranging from meteorite to a pirate map, were sufficient to throw off even the Sherlock-level detective skilled admirers. But after carefully analyzing the hints we believe that “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Michael Rooker might be underneath the Cyclops costume. Continue to read to know more about it and watch why we think Rooker might be the mysterious Cyclops.

The Masked Singer Spoilers For Season 7

The hint package of Cyclop disclosed Cyclops hiding under the bed and complaining about how is always cast as the villain. He also complained about the messy corners when the camera pans to a compass pointed in the S-SE direction. The hint package also displays a framed photo of a turtle wearing a cowboy hat. The Cyclops is watched to be a canny businessman who sells his products named Cy-Drops while allegedly giving “fast relief for redness”.

As if to throw us off further, the hint package also featured a comic book with “Evil Beastie” and “Beware cyclops” written on it. Cyclops declares that he will always be a “baddie”. His mega hint was “the meteorite crashed to earth in the year 1988”. He further added that they linked with the monsters more than heroes and complained about being disappointed at the end of “Beauty And The Beast” when the Beast turned out to be “handsome like Robin!”

While the hints might come up to be very random and confusing, a careful analysis of each of the hints points us in the direction of Michael Rooker.

Is Micahel Rooker Under The Cyclops Mask?

The celebrity panel of the judges of the show threw in their guesses as well. Jenny McCarthy felt that the Cyclops was none other than “Cobra Kai” star William Sabka whereas Nicole Scherzinger thought it was Danny McBride. Robin Thicke announced it as Rob Dryde and Ken Jong rounded off by thinking that Chris Pratt was the Cyclops.