Big Brother Canada Veto Spoilers: The Veto Aftermath (Day 58): It is the tenth week of Big Brother Canada that can seal a housemate’s game win and ruin it. As we all know that Big Brother Canada is one of the most popular and entertaining reality shows, gaining immense attention from the fans. The show has finally got the final five contestants of this season and the show is only two weeks away from its Grand Finale. The fans are keenly watching the last weeks of the show as anything can happen any day. Several new twists and turns are on the way to surprise the viewers. In this article, we have brought some details about this week’s results and more about the show so stay tuned.

Big Brother Canada Veto Spoilers

At this time, the show is going on very interesting and entertaining as only five contestants are left in the show who are now going to compete against each other in the finale. This week, Betty Yirsaw is in a power position. However, she made a move that could reduce her chances of winning the title of the show. It may help her to reach the Big Brother final three. On the other hand, Kevin Jacobs is played chess throughout the season while other inmates are playing checkers.

Big Brother Canada 10 live feed spoilers

However, there is one way to stop Kevin from winning the title of the show and that is to get him out of the game. But it is also not so easy as he has a great fan following outside. As everyone knows that the show is close to its end and all the players are now playing an individual game in the show. Each one of them wants to win the title of the show and tries hard to make it at any cost. The five powerful players are left in the show and a tough competition is going to take place.

Well, the show Big Brother Canada 10 is going on extremely well right now. The contestants of the show are excited about the further game in the show. It will be interesting to see who will be the winner of the show. The fans are also very curious to watch the Grand finale. Throughout the season, the viewers have seen lots of fights, arguments, drama, and bonds among the contestants. Now, it’s time to announce the name of the winner. Two weeks are left for the finale. So, do not forget to watch the full episode of “Bigg Brother Canada 10” on Global at its regular time.