Tia Kemp Fires Back at BossMan Dlow’s Claim of Her Being in His DMs.Many of you might wondering Why is Bossman Dlow trending on Twitter? And here is the complete story of Boss Man Dlow leaked video.

Florida rapper Bossman Dlow is blowing up on X after an explicit video allegedly showing the artist laid up in bed surfaced online amid the Tia Kemp feud.Bossman Dlow

The ongoing beef between Rapper Rick Ross’s ex-Tia Kemp and the Florida Rapper appeared to have escalated on February 16, 2024. The Florida businesswoman took to Instagram and showed a video allegedly exposing Dlow to her followers in an attempt to defend herself against his allegations that she was sliding into his DMs.

Tia Kemp Fires Back at BossMan Dlow’s Claim of Her Being in His DMs.

Tia Kemp unleashed an acerbic rant against Bossman Dlow after the Florida rapper in Club House this week alleged she got in his DMs.

In response to the allegation, Kemp took to Instagram Live to drag him online and alleged Dlow reached out to her to boost his profile by trying to use her viral videos in one of his music videos but backed out as he could not afford her fees.Go Sit Yo Short Self Down' Rick Ross "BM" Tia Kemp Drags Kevin Hart For Suing Tasha K!  - YouTube
In another clip, Kemp amplified her attack against the rapper and pulled up DM’s as evidence of his interest and alleged the rapper did not want to use her video as he feared retaliation from Rick Ross.

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Kemp also showed an explicit clip allegedly featuring the rapper, which has been viewed over a million times and shared on X, leading Bossman Dlow to trend on Twitter. Part of Kemp’s IG live before the NSFW footage was shown was shared by user Livebitez on, X where she was seen pulling up texts received from the rapper.

Netizens react to Bossman Dlow viral fooatage.

Tia Kemp Fires Back at BossMan Dlow’s Claim of Her Being in His DMs.

Tia Kemp, known for her cutting unfiltered diatribe online against her ex Rick Ross, recently targeted Florida rapper Bossman Dlow after he claimed on clubhouse this week that she slid into his DM’s. Kemp, in response to the claim, went on a vitriolic rant against the rapper, accusing him of reaching out to her to boost his profile and presented evidence, including an explicit video allegedly featuring the artist.