Trillanes Isko Moreno: Isko Moreno the mayor of Manila might be having an “emotional meltdown” as he resumes attacking Vice President Leni Robredo after realizing that his dream of becoming the next president of the country looks to be slipping away from him, ex-Senator Antonio Trillanes IV stated on Sunday, 24th April 2022.

Tirades against Leni show meltdown

Calling Moreno a “Marcos loyalist” the ex-Navy officer and senatorial candidate questioned the logic behind the criticism of the mayor of “number two”. The Vice President is a constant runner-up to survey frontrunner ex-Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in presidential preference surveys while Moreno is a perennial 3rd placer.

Trillanes Isko Moreno

He stated on Robredo’s radio show over dzXL that “This number 2 will be pulled here at their presscon and withdrawn, right? So I think here I see that it’s gone, Mayor Isko is having an emotional meltdown and it’s gone” Robredo had stopped attending her weekly radio show since the beginning of the campaign season last 8th February. Trillanes further added that “It’s as if he saw that his dreams were disappearing as he thought at first, eh what is he, he is really destined to be the president of the Philippines.”

The former senator, who is again firing for a set in the Magic 12 under the ticket of Robredo, clued that Moreno might be engaged in some kind of “arrangement”. Trillances stated, “That is what makes it amazing. We don’t know if those settlements are already occurring there and we are clear because ever since Mayor Isko was Marcos, he said he was a loyalist, right?” All throughout the campaign, it was observed that the Manila mayor did not talk negatively against Marcos, except for a brief period when his kid raised the P203-billion estate tax debt of the family of the ex-director, the former senator argued.

He further added, “But after retreating again and then presscon”. Trillanes was referring to the press conference on Easter Sunday wherein Moreno asked Robredo to withdraw from the presidential race. In the wee since, he called the names of the Vice President, referring to her as a “bully” and “matapobre”. He also interrogated her character, assailed her supporters, and stated she is full of herself. Robredo stated she would not respond to the accusations of Moreno because the elections are not about the candidates, but about the future of the country.