Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Leaked Spoilers on Reddit, Twitter, Release Date and Time: The popular Japanese anime series “Tokyo Revengers” is quite liked by the audiences or readers. The fans are always keen to know about the details of the next chapter. The raw scans of the 4 panels from TR chapter 245 have just been leaked, courtesy of Twitter-user Mina @taiyakiboi02, and their contents have stunned the fandom. Everyone had expected that the final battle between the Kantou Manji Gang and the Tokyo Manji Gang will be in full swing in this chapter, but no one had anticipated that Wakui will aim at Takemichi this way. Tokyo Revengers admirers have always debated why Takemichi was not growing physically stronger, but Wakui has reminded everyone that Takemichi was a good warrior at the starting, and remains so even now.Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Leaked Spoilers on Reddit, Twitter, Release Date and Time

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Spoilers

In the last chapter, both Kantou Manji and Tokyo Manji wanted to battle for the title of “Toman”. 500 associates of Kantou were against 50 associates of Toman. Takemichi and others were stunned to watch Hanma, Benkei, and Waka, whilst Hakkai and Chifuyu promised to take down Ran and Mochizuki, respectively. Sanju Haruchiyo offended the members of Tokyo Manji on the instructions of Mikey, and Takemichi replied that they will conquer Kantou and succeed the “Toman” name.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Reddit and Twitter

In the leaked panels of TR chapter 245, the 2 gangs are watched charging at each other. While every important member of Tokyo Manji is watched directing the charge, Kokonoi, Mikey, and Haruchiyo are not present on the Kantou Side. What transpires in the middle of the charge and the entire-fledged altercation is not disclosed in the raw scans. Through the next leaked page views, Takemichi focuses a punch at Kakucho. His expression and stance remind the latter of the younger Takemichi, who used to be his friend. He had believed Takemichi to be his “hero” when they were kids.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Release Date and Time

The next page views Takemichi landing the hit on Kakucho and knocking him out. The punch packs so much ability that the latter is flung back and slides on the ground until he stops at the feet of Mikey. Hakkai and Chifuyu are both stunned by the strength of Takemichi, and while their faces were not viewed in the leaked Tokyo Revengers chapter 245 pages, the other members must be equally shocked as well.

Most eminently, Mikey looks astonished by the punch of Takemichi. The latter is viewed as smiling as he assails lands, and his face views bruised, pointing out that he has taken some hits as well. He says something, which is not revealed in the leaked scans and watches at Mikey. The last leaked panel views them resolutely watching at each other, apparently prior to that they charge in for a one-on-one match.