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Georgia Teen Hospitalized After Horrific Hazing Incident

Georgia Teen Hospitalized After Horrific Hazing Incident

Trenton lehrkamp Video ? Justice for Trent Lehrkamp In March 2023, a video purportedly showing the alleged hazing of Trenton Lehrkamp, a 19-year-old student from Glynn Academy High School in Brunswick, Georgia, began circulating on social media.

The disturbing footage showed Lehrkamp bound to a chair, spray-painted from head to toe, and unconscious, surrounded by four young men. According to reports, he was left in critical condition on a ventilator after the incident.

The alleged hazing incident, which involved forced consumption of alcohol and drugs, urination.

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garnered widespread attention and outrage. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to help pay for his medical bills and recovery, which had raised over $33,000 at the time.

The Glynn County Police Department is investigating the incident, but no arrests had been made as of the last update. The case remains under investigation, and the public continues to demand justice for Trenton Lehrkamp.

A 19-year-old who was dropped off a Georgia hospital after an alleged hazing incident was covered in spray paint and had 23 times the legal amount of alcohol in his system.

Georgia Teen Hospitalized After Horrific Hazing Incident

Trenton Lehrkamp “spent Tuesday night with a group of people who he thought were his friends,” the creator of a GoFundMe wrote. “Trent wouldn’t know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate, and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours.” The teen ended up on a ventilator in the ICU, but is now breathing on his own.