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Twomad And Belle Delphine Video Trending On Twitter- What Has Happened?


After their video went viral on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, Twomad and Belle Delphine are now making headlines online.

People often post the most recent video with Twomad and Belle Delphine on social media sites. The supposed video, which has gotten a lot of attention in the media, shows Twomad dressed up as Donkey Kong.

For those who don’t know, Belle delphine is a model and influencer who was born in South Africa. She uses Onlyfans all the time to entertain her fans, and most of what she posts is hot.

On the other hand, Twomad, aka Muudea Sedik, has done well on YouTube. He has 2.3 million subscribers. People watch the Canadian streamer’s channel to see his comments, games, and skits.

Twomad And Belle Delphine Twitter Video Is Getting Viral?

People on social media have said bad things about the most recent video by Twomad and Belle Delphine. Some people are sure that the movie sends the wrong message because of how it is made, especially because of how harsh it is.

They didn’t care much about what they wore. On the other hand, some people are criticizing the situation and making fun of it.

One Twitter user said that Twomad’s sacrifice of putting on a Donkey Kong costume so he could spend time with Belle Delphine will be remembered with pride for years to come.

The YouTuber says Belle Delphine made him wear a Donkey Kong costume, even though it was uncomfortable, and she made him smile while he did it. Even worse, Belle is seen choking and hitting the YouTuber as she approaches a hate crime.

What Happened Between Twomad And Belle Delphine?

Twomad is dressed as Donkey Kong in the most recent Belle Delphine video. The clothes were based on the video game character “Donkey Kong,” who looks like an ape.

In the supposed clip, Delphine makes Twomad smile even though he is sad. Then, after a short break, Belle is seen going into a hate crime and choking and hitting a YouTube creator.

In another clip, Delphine is dressed as Buzz Lightyear while she licks Twomad’s feet.

After it was posted on Onlyfans on June 26, 2022, the video that caused a lot of debate was shared on Twitter. Many people on the internet have thought about them because their movies are so interesting.

Find Out Twomad And Belle Delphine Real Name And Age Details?

Belle Delphine and Twomad are only one year apart in age. Their real names are Mary-Belle Kirschner and Muudea Sedik.

Twomad was born on December 17, 2000, while Belle was born on October 23, 1999, and is now 22.

Because of this, Twomad is younger than Belle. They weren’t said to be dating or hang out together, but their rumored videos and photos made the internet go crazy all of a sudden.

People can respond to and post comments on the video that everyone is talking about. But they didn’t say anything about it or tell the media about it.

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Where Are Twomad And Belle Delphine Now?

People talk a lot about Twomad and Belle on Twitter because word is getting out that their private movie is going viral.

The video is not on Twitter, which may be because it is said to have some graphic content.

Many people laugh at him and make fun of him. Some people on Twitter don’t know what’s going on or why two social media stars showed up out of nowhere.

Who leaked the supposed video of them having fun behind closed doors is still a mystery. If the video was shared without permission, the person who did it would be charged with serious crimes.