As per the recent reports, very shocking news is coming up where we are going to tell you about the incident which took place near Khanpur kalian village in Kurukshetra. This particular incident took place on April 1. And the whole police team of Haryana 100 the leader of BJP to Delhi Police and of video footage has been late when Bagga was brought back to Delhi. There were very serious allegations about this BJP leader Rajinder Pal Singh Bagha and who belongs to Haryana and he has been accused of kidnap from his house which was situated in Janakpuri West Delhi . Talking about his family background so his father is a very great Businessman and then he contacted the police of Punjab to come to their house and take their son with them. According to him, he mention that he was having a cup of tea when the police arrived and then they dragged Tajinder to the car. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga Arrested? Arrested Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Why Was BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga Arrested?

While they were driving him he asked them that he wanted to wear his Turban but the police denied his statement and then he took them to the car and then to the police station this whole video got recorded by some person. He mention that they were behaving very badly and they also punched him in the face and took his mobile phone with them. As per the information, the police are going to charge and register a case on him under the case section of 452 where he has been seen to be preparing for hurt assault and many more. Punjab Police were taking Bagga. And they were on the way and there were state police officers and DS.P then they all reach the station of Janakpuri so that the police can arrest him.

BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga Arrested Reason

However, it is noticed that no one is allowed to come inside and they hired a lawyer RK Rathore when the whole team came there to inform the police they said that they are not allowed to go out and then they started recording the video which is roaming around on the internet. The whole incident was caught up in the video when the police were informing the local police that they have to arrest Bagga. Then he was handed over to the Delhi Police team at the police station of Sadar.

BJP Leader Tajinder Bagga: All Charges & Allegations

It has seen that many BJP members are there and they started bringing Yuva Morcha and then they started testing outside the police station of Janakpuri and it was the scene of afternoon 3:00 p.m. and they wanted to bring him back to Delhi. Police mention that they need to take Bagga to Kurukshetra Sardar police station. This video was uploaded on Friday and it is being noticed that there was ASI was present and he was accused by the forces and said that he should remain in custody.

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